At Least it Wasn’t my Finger – Day #4

I drink a green swamp juice smoothie almost every morning for breakfast. Usually including some combination of spinach, greek yogurt, protein powder, a banana, other miscellaneous fruit, couple ice cubes, and a splash of water. Told you it was swamp juice…

Like most days, this morning started with me sleeping as late as possible and once again in a rush to get my kiddo and me out the door and off to CrossFit, school, and work.

I am whirling up my smoothie and like many times before I have to pulse the blender, stop, mix up the contents, and pulse again or else it just pulverizes what’s on the bottom and never pulls down the ice cubes and spinach leaves. In an effort to save the 2.5 seconds it takes to PAUSE the blender and mix up the contents I decide to mix with a spatula as it blends…brilliant right?

Hardly. The blades caught the spatula and in a split second my spatula is no more and better yet I added a hefty dose of BPA to my swamp juice. Here’s the stupid part, yes it gets stupider, for a moment before using the spatula I actually thought about sticking my fingers in the blender to try and help mix in the spinach. WHAT IN THE HECK…. really Katie!?

After that little gem… today’s lesson is learning to PAUSE.

Pause. Stop. Focus. Breathe. Clear your thoughts.

When we race through a project, our daily routine, or life in general, it’s way to easy to loose sight of the big picture, the light at the end of the tunnel, and in turn come seconds away from loosing a finger in our morning smoothie.

Challenge yourself to pause just one time today. Once? That’s it? It sounds simple, but I guarantee you will either forget or try and rush through your “pause.”

What are you missing by refusing stop? Breathe? Focus?….PAUSE?


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