The Right Time

When is the right time? Is it ever? Is it ever not?

How do you stop the thoughts, you don’t, you channel them.

It’s freeing. You should try it. It will release you. It will make you stronger. Vulnerability is such a drug.

Being vulnerable takes more courage than any other emotion in life. It is not you against the world, that’s a depressing notion of hopelessness, excuses, and pity. Get that cancerous energy out of your mind. It is you against you. You determine the pace, you determine the actions, you determine your attitude.

Are you ready for change? Are you ready for integrity, freedom, and happiness? Are you ready for growth? I am. Ill lead me, you lead you. Maybe we cross paths, maybe we dont. Either way, Ill become a better me.

Lead, follow, learn just get your negativity out of my way.


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