The Right Time

When is the right time? Is it ever? Is it ever not?

How do you stop the thoughts, you don’t, you channel them.

It’s freeing. You should try it. It will release you. It will make you stronger. Vulnerability is such a drug.

Being vulnerable takes more courage than any other emotion in life. It is not you against the world, that’s a depressing notion of hopelessness, excuses, and pity. Get that cancerous energy out of your mind. It is you against you. You determine the pace, you determine the actions, you determine your attitude.

Are you ready for change? Are you ready for integrity, freedom, and happiness? Are you ready for growth? I am. Ill lead me, you lead you. Maybe we cross paths, maybe we dont. Either way, Ill become a better me.

Lead, follow, learn just get your negativity out of my way.


Happy Medium

Check out this post by Seth Godin -

Where are you speeding through where you should take more time? That’s my daily question. However, he brings up an interesting parallel, where are you too slow, heavy, and controlling?

It’s ok to make a swift impact, spur the thought of change, and then see how the ripple effect plays out. I see this daily as a leader – inspire your followers don’t boss them.

Reality Check.

Seth Godin strikes again.

Sometimes you don’t need a budget

Most of the time, people don’t want a refund or a bonus. What they really want is for you to hear them and to do the right thing. What if every manager and every customer contact in your organization bought into that?

Here are some things you can do that don’t cost any money (but they certainly require effort):

Treat your employees with care and respect

Be consistent in your actions

Keep your promises

Grant others their dignity

Give credit

Take responsibility

When wrong, offer a heartfelt apology

Don’t be a jerk

Take the time to actually listen to people

Volunteer to handle the issue


 – Seth Godin, 3/13/2014


#18 – The Agitator

“The Agitator.” That was a nickname given to me recently by a very respected friend and mentor. At first I questioned the meaning and how it related to me, I am not an “agitator”… I am not a Maytag washing machine, I don’t stir stuff up…Oh wait, I sure do and am darn proud of the fact.

Taking a step back and looking at the definition of agitate I found that this nickname may just be the perfect fit after all. According to my handy Dictionary app, agitate means “to force into irregular action, to move to and fro, to disturb or excite emotionally, to consider on all sides, revolve in the mind.”

In order to change the world for the better, improve relationships, coaching, leading, and ultimately the success of a business we have to be constantly “agitating.” Never settling for the status quo, always stirring the calm with questions like “How can we get better?” and “What can I do differently today to teach and lead instead of command and direct?”

Armed with the power to challenge, stir, and change, I join an elite group of Thought Leaders (you know, like the Avengers, only we don’t fly and carry a big hammer…well most of the time) in an effort to never stop learning, coaching, and communicating.  Here’s to 2014.

#14 – #greatdaythursday

Life is what you make it. 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Sounds like another fluffy, flowery, purple ponies, and dancing unicorns coffee shop tag line right? Oh, you are absolutely right, but embracing this optimistic outlook is a simple secret to success, not just a “feel good” Hallmark card. So what, tell me how?

I am fortunate enough to have a #greatdaythursday inspiration that keeps me in check and focused on the good rather than allowing me to become wrapped in the negative energy that can so easily cloud  my mind. Thursday started like a normal workday, CrossFit, coffee, meetings… pretty good. By 9am #greatdaythursday was upon us, declared by an inspirational friend like a proclamation to a group of rebels ready to charge the capital, adorned in flowers atop their purple ponies and dancing unicorns of course.

Believing and seeing your life through a lens of optimism truly is the first step to success. Thursday was packed full of meetings, decisions, continuously changing plans, and many potential stressful situations. However, Thursday was my best day of the week all because of a 3 word hashtag I happened to overhear.  Rather be a “negative nelly”? Go for it. Just keep your manic depression, anxiety, epic sense of disappointment and disapproval to yourself.  It’s your decision,  gloom and doom, or a purple pony party and dancing with unicorns… I am off to learn the cha cha with sparkle the unicorn.


Day 11 – Optimistic Pessimism

Oddly enough my daughter and I both had our “performance reviews” today.

The kid passed with flying colors. Not exactly shocking considering she’s 4.

However, I was terrified. The anxiety over what could possibly be said in this 30 minute meeting had been throwing me for a loop since I received the meeting planner.

So what’s a girl to do? Learn a lesson of course!

I hope this comes across correctly, I was struggling to verbalize it in a simple and concise way.

I learned to prepare for the worst…

I am not a pessimist by any means, but sometimes thinking like one can be helpful. The next time you’re worked up over “what if” – complete the sentence with all the worst case scenarios cluttering your mind. Say it, write it, process through it. When I challenged myself to work through the worst it became easier to believe the best.