Just Do It

Just Do It – Seth Godin: The Right Moment

Patience pays, preparation pays. Both true, however at some point we must take the leap, step into the next adventure, the next chapter, and use all the prep to leap towards learning. And ultimately success.


Happy Medium

Check out this post by Seth Godin -http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2014/03/bulldozers-and-bullwhips.html

Where are you speeding through where you should take more time? That’s my daily question. However, he brings up an interesting parallel, where are you too slow, heavy, and controlling?

It’s ok to make a swift impact, spur the thought of change, and then see how the ripple effect plays out. I see this daily as a leader – inspire your followers don’t boss them.

Reality Check.

Seth Godin strikes again.

Sometimes you don’t need a budget

Most of the time, people don’t want a refund or a bonus. What they really want is for you to hear them and to do the right thing. What if every manager and every customer contact in your organization bought into that?

Here are some things you can do that don’t cost any money (but they certainly require effort):

Treat your employees with care and respect

Be consistent in your actions

Keep your promises

Grant others their dignity

Give credit

Take responsibility

When wrong, offer a heartfelt apology

Don’t be a jerk

Take the time to actually listen to people

Volunteer to handle the issue


 – Seth Godin, 3/13/2014


Day #2 – Embracing the Cheering Section

Up before the sun, running shoes on, coffee in hand, and on my way to yet another competition. However, this time I was not the athlete competing. Today I supported my fellow Gem City CrossFit junkies at the Buckeye CrossFit Wodtoberfest competition, also my first experience at a formal CrossFitevent. Gem CIty had 3 teams of two participating among 60+ others.  Image  Image

It’s important to understand I’m not used to sitting on the sidelines. I am the athlete. I am the one pushing myself to the edge, downing Gatorade and Gu, sweating through every layer of clothing, and most importantly getting the medal to prove it. But today it wasn’t my show.

Today was different.

I learned to be a spectator.

Ill be honest, there was a point on the drive up I was jealous, and trying to reason with myself as to why I wasn’t also an athlete today. However, the “what about me” attitude didn’t last long. As soon as I walked in, I was in awe, just plain old proud to be a part of such a display of athleticism. I greeted my crew and from the first event was like a proud Mom cheering on her kids at Senior Night.

So great, I embraced spectating, pulled out my pom poms and lost my voice cheering on my fellow CrossFit addicts. But what’s the real takeaway?

It has nothing to do with pom poms, that’s for sure.

It’s about leadership. Yes, LEADERship, not DICTATORship, or BOSSship, or Leader(it’s really about my success)ship.

On Friday, one of my fellow leaders had 3 of her 4 associates win 3 of the 4 departmental awards for this year. My team received nothing, hardly a shout out. WHY? Because she is purely a spectator, constantly cheering on her team, relishing in their success, always ready with Gatorade and Gu.

So maybe it is about pom poms… Ill be taking the ones I earned today to work with me on Monday.